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General Conference Activity Newsletter by Abby Low (2 pages)

General Conference Packet by Arie Van De Graaff from Mormon Cartoonist.
[English Packet] [Portugese Packet - translated by Dani Queiroz de Souza]

 Conference is awesome folders by Allison Kimball

Poster size conference board by Allison Kimball

Over the Big Moon


General Conference Headband Cards by LDSLane.Com #lds #mormon

LDS Lane - General Conference Headband Cards

LDS Living

Word Hunt Worksheets

Packet 1 - YW Personal Progress Conference Packet by Jennifer Day

Packet 2 w/Bingo Cards - YW Personal Progress Conference Packet by Jennifer Day


Kiki and Company

General Conference Labels

Jocelyn's collection of the best General Conference Ideas...tried and true.

[Post 1] [Post 2]

His and Her Conference Journals by Colette 


Getting the most out of General Conference (handout) by Courtney Aitken

Conference Crayons and Companions for her Primary class 

Katie's Blog-ness

Getting your kids excited about General Conference

Conference Cash


Activity packet A to Z by Food Storage and Beyond


Life's Journey to Perfection


Conference Train by Katie's Blog-ness


Conference Cinnamon Rolls and Activities

Conference Paper Dolls by Michelle Rasmussen


Allison Kimball has made corresponding journal lables - go here

How can I prepare for General Conference from "Little LDS Ideas"

Book of Mormon Paper Dolls by The Red Headed Hostess


Deseret Book's Conference Packet

General Conference Family Home Evening

Conference Resources from A Little Tipsy

Comments (7)
  • Camille  - Awesome!

    :) What a great round of fabulous ideas! Thank you so much for these!!!

  • Lisa  - Love it!

    Love all these ideas! One thing though, the very first one needs it's pages updated on the "Statistical Report". All of the activities still say 2013 not 2014. :)
    Can't wait to print these off for my family!

  • SugarDoodle

    Lisa, the statistical report this year is for 2013. The report is always for the year prior (Jan-Dec). So next April, the statistical report will be for the year 2014. I hope that makes sense. :) Best wishes!


  • Annalisa  - Spring Flower Pot

    For our Primary Conference Packet this year I decided to do a flower pot. I've purchased some plastic, terra-cotta looking small flower pots at the dollar store (one for each child), and a bulk pack of popsicle sticks (

    Then I created a file (links below) containing flowers they can glue to the popsicle sticks. Each popsicle stick will have a front and a back glued to it. The idea is to cut & color the front of the flower and write in the name of the speaker (first presidency & quorum of the twelve has pictures), and take notes on the back of the flower (has lines). Then glue it to the popsicle stick and "plant" it in your garden pot. At the end of conference you will have a beautiful flower garden with all of the things you listened to & learned during conference.

    Hope this is helpful to someone!

    I've included links to the PDF and the Word document. (The Word is clearer.)


    WORD: http://www...

  • Tawna

    Can you send me a link to your documents, they are not coming up for me.


  • Michelle  - Awesome!!

    Ladies, thank you so much for taking the time to create and post these fantastic ideas! I only wish I was as creative and and computer literate as you are. The YW are gonna love these!! Bravo!

  • Suzanne  - This is great!

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful resources! So many creative people out there.

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